Terms and Condition

This Term of Use applies to all guests, visitors, members and users of this Peerbond Online Service by way of information and services dispensed, availed or provided thereof as the case may be.

Unless otherwise advised, communicated or published for public notice the usage of this site and services thereof will be governed by following terms:
01. This site or service caters, encourages, and concentrates friendships among Indians of all ages worldwide by membership.
02. Members, with phone and email verified, are qualified to avail customized services from this site by privilege.
03. Signing up on this site is straight forward as Standard members free of cost for generalized and limited extents.

04. Subscribed members have the privileges of receiving friendship referrals from PEERBOND ONLINE Customer Service with exclusive supports and services as prevail time to time proportionate to their subscription plan.
05. Signing up as members of this site required acceptance of these Terms of Use which is a de-facto bipartite contract between members and PEERBOND ONLINE with status of customers and service provider.
06. Members must comply directives, advices, instructions in any form communicated by Customer Service and or Administration of PEERBOND ONLINE as part of practice involving services and or supports.
07. All forms of personal and public nuisance, obscenity, pornography, political slogan or commercial publicity, personal or communal denouncement, and vulgar swearing are prohibited on this site and such committals may result to suspension/revocation and or prohibition of memberships.
08. Memberships are subject to proper identification and phone verification at the discretion of PEERBOND ONLINE administration.
9. Disputes arising in connection with supports and services out of usage of this site or its derivatives should be settled mutually, failing which competent courts of West Bengal, India will have jurisdictions.